Horák Conexion

Horák Conexión is an atypical chamber music ensemble. Specialized in contemporary music, it is composed by bass clarinet, viola, and piano.


Due to the originality of its setting, and the reduced existent repertoire written for it, the trio constantly works with recognised composers from various countries. Some compositions born from these collaborations are compiled in the CD record A long wave in common, produced in 2015 under the classical music label iTinerant.

The project aims to establish a close relationship with the audience, seeking to communicate and inspire. With a game of stage lightings and choosing an attractive repertoire, the performance wants to be an unforgettable experience. Horák Conexion is seeking to become a bridge of communication between a bigger audience and the contemporary music.

Igor Urruchi

Urruchi plays a fundamental role in the promotion of the bass clarinet as a soloist instrument.

Offering concerts internationally, both as a soloist and as a chamber musician, he performs a great contribution to the development of the repertoire of this instrument.

In collaboration with recognised composers from different countries, he works in the creation of new pieces for bass clarinet. As a result of this intense work, he released two CDs. A long wave in common, for solo and chamber music compositions and Concerto for bass clarinet and string orchestra. Both recorded under the label iTinerant.

Born in Spanish city Miranda de Ebro, he started playing violin at the age of four with María Madru. At the age of eight, he changed the direction of his education thanks to acclaimed clarinettist Florián Popa. He finished his clarinet higher studies from Royal Conservatory of Madrid, under the guidance of Justo Sanz. He received his Master´s degree from Codarsts, Rotterdam Conservatory with Henri Bok, specialising in bass clarinet and obtaining the highest grades.

In 2012, he obtained the first prize at the I International Bass Clarinet Competition Julián Menéndez. He offers bass clarinet masterclasses in different conservatories of Spanish geography. In 2015 he performed as a soloist at the Clarinetfest2015 in Madrid, organised by CIA (International Clarinet Association). Urruchi is artist sponsored by the brand Jupiter, with whom he collaborates to spread the knowledge of the bass clarinet.


Ana Valero

Award-winning violist Ana Valero offers chamber music concerts on a regular basis, having performed in countries like Russia, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Croatia, Sweden, and Italy. Currently, she combines her performing career with her viola teacher position at the International School of The Hague and her collaboration with orchestras like Sinfonia Rotterdam and Camerata Amsterdam.

Born in Huesca, Spain, she started her musical education at the age of six. In 2008, she graduated from Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Aragon (Zaragoza, Spain) under the guidance of Alan Kovacs, and Casals Quartet, obtaining the highest grades in Viola and Chamber Music. She obtained her Master’s degree in The Netherlands, having studied under Julia Dinerstein and Mikhail Kugel. In 2015, she coursed an additional year at The Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Mikhail Zemtsov. She has also taken master classes with Lawrence Power, Maxim Risanov, Alexander Zemtsov, Lawrence Dutton, Hariolf Schlichtig, and Gordan Nikolic among others.

Since 2009, she obtained awards in several international competitions; like the first prize at the International Competition Anemos in Rome in 2011, first prize at the International Music Competition in Belgrade in 2014, the absolute prize at Don Vicenzo Vitti International Competition in Italy in 2014 and 2nd prize at London Grand Prize Virtuoso in 2015 among others.

Since 2016, she plays a Dupont bow, courtesy of Dutch Foundation Eigenmuziekinstrument.

Mario Molina

Founder and artistic director of Soria Clásica Festival, Mario Molina holds a Professor position at the University of Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears in Spain.


He has offered concerts in several countries like Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Japan, performing in halls like DeDoelen in Rotterdam, Palau de la Música in Valencia and Sala Mozart in Zaragoza, in Spain. He played as a soloist with several orchestras like Orquesta Lira Numantina, Codarts Symphony Orchestra, and Joven Orquesta Sinfónica de Soria, performing Ravel Concerto in G major and Beethoven Concerto n.3
Born in Soria, he started his musical education at Conservatorio Oreste Camarca, under the guidance of Eduardo Rodríguez. He finished his higher education at the Conservatori Superior de las Islas Baleares with Maestro Manuel Carra. In 2013, he obtained his Master’s degree in Codarsts, Rotterdam Conservatory with Professor Bart van de Roer. In the same year, he started Master’s education in symphonic orchestra at the Gothenburg University in Sweden. He has also taken masterclasses with Daniel del Pino, Miguel Ituarte, Guillermo González, Jean-Bernard Pommier, Lars Vogt, Igor Roma and Ananda Sukarlan, among others.

He received the first prize at XIX Concurso de Creación Joven de Soria in 2014, and the first prize at Certamen Arte Joven de Castilla y León in 2015.

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